Infoicon Technologies Pvt Ltd is a privately possessed offshore software outsourcing company settled in National Capital Region (NCR) of India bringing software development services to its offshore clients
based in U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia, since 2005.

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Our services basically focus on secure, expandable, scalable, and reliable business systems. Our most dynamic software outsourcing services and information technologies solutions are designed with a spotlight to fulfill the exact needs and requirement of our clients. Through our high quality, reasonable cost, and reliable offshore software services, we propagate our services to the clients giving them client satisfaction and add value to their money.

Why Mobile APPS required for any business?


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iPhone Apps Development

When we are talking about the mobile technologies, the one and only most playful and convenient technology that comes in our mind is the most advanced and latest iPhone technology.

We at Infoicon Technologies feel proud to be the sole owner of tech magic that we present for the latest features in an iPhone. We are the professional developers to use the official iPhone SDK to deliver top-quality iPhone applications that utilize the phone-specific features: the multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar. While designing an iPhone application, our engineers approach each idea carefully to take into consideration such features as the touch-screen, limited memory size and completely different field of use. We have developed several top ranking iPhone apps including Apps selected as featured in App Store We are expertise in various iPhone apps development services.

Android Application Development

Brilliantly being developed by Google, Android is the most dynamic operating system being in demand in today’s scenario. The Android Application is considered highly useful with its user-friendly features and serves for the most varied purposes. This is the most on demand software to allure the users greatly which is being available today in every range of phone and serves for the great purposes right from chatting, easy browsing & downloading, gaming and more. And so the Android Apps need to be updated and traversed for normal flow of your smart phones and for that purpose, the Android Apps developers will bring the best performances for you.

We at Infoicon Technologies bring one of the best ways to cater your requirements; once you hire our dedicated services.

Apps Development Process

Developing an impressive application is not a facile task. It requires the pervasive attention of both the developer and the customer together to work together to achieve a determined goal. A number of times, the business owner needs to decide the web development platform on which the app is to be developed and sometimes, the developer is not able to perceive the requirements of their customers clearly. All this requires their mutual understanding and a procedural approach to accomplish the goal completely.

The applications that are typically used nowadays are categorized into two groups- Mobile based application and Web-based application. Both of them are playing a crucial role in empowering people with the finest Digital solutions. The Apps Development Process comprises a set of procedure that needs to be followed in a sequential manner. Here, at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we follow a definite approach in developing the web and Mobile applications.

iPad Apps Development

iPad is the most assisting and entertaining source in today’s generation. It brings all such interactive applications to make the tasks easier for the users. Therefore, if you are looking for a good quality company that can offer you the services of iPad App Development in India, the iPad application technologies of Infoicon can act as the best answer. This is considered to be the best iPad Apps Development Company in India that will bring the high quality services in the development of different iPad Apps.

  • iPad Game Development;

  • Development of multimedia applications;

  • Development of custom applications;

  • Application testing;

  • Application Up gradation

Mobile Games Development

We all used to get rid from all worries and distresses of our lives by doing various leisure activities. Playing game is one of them. Not only the kids, the youths and adults are also a great fond of playing games on their mobiles or tablets. Each one of us is having fingers on our favorite games that we love to play.

Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is providing the best Mobile Games Development Services to please various game lovers with an exciting gaming experience. Our services are distinguished and exquisite. We pay attention towards making the apps user-friendly as well as attractive. We amalgamate the imagination, innovation, and technology together to serve the best set of solutions to our clients.

Mobile Games Development differs from the typical software/web development because it requires more creativity. At Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we focus on making the app more interactive and engaging. We have a team of dedicated mobile game applications developers who take care of the all top notch points throughout the process. They follow a determined process to make the application outstanding amongst its competitors. We make the customized apps according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Enterprise Mobility

The corporate world is encompassing our whole lives nowadays. A dedicated employee spends more time in the office than its home. In this digital era of advanced technology, every employee is having a smartphone and tablet. There are a lot of tasks and procedures that needs to be managed in an organization. Due to this, there is a substantial requirement of an integrated module where all these procedures can be easily managed comprehensively.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is such a unified platform where the processes can be managed efficiently over the mobiles, wireless networks, and other mobile computing devices from a business perspective. Due to the increased usage of mobile devices by the employees at the workplace, this solution is the prefect to enhance the functionalities of a corporate. The objective behind the creation of EMM is to identify how the mobility tools should be integrated to result in the flawless execution of the business processe.

Windows App Development

The experts at Infoicon technologies Pvt. Ltd. are using the latest Windows Mobile App Development Tools for developing a wide array of apps. With an extensive proven record in developing windows based applications, we employ the legitimate skills and development tools to build the feature rich apps. We make the interactive as well as user-friendly Windows Phone applications. Our skilled technical team is habitual of designing and developing the applications that are beyond the expectations of our customers.

We are professional in creating the full range of applications that you might want for the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The windows applications developed at Infoicon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



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